The Young Professional


In her late thirties, our client is now starting to earn well, feeling settled in her career and seeing a period of the next 10-15 years when she can put money away for her family’s future. With a large mortgage and young family however, the pressure is certainly not off.

We initially completed a financial review including a full ‘health check’ and cash flow modelling. We put in place some additional protection and have an agreed strategy for paying down debt and longer term investment into pensions and ISAs, utilising tax allowances for the whole family. With a demanding job, time is precious and we now provide a relatively low-touch service, advising on investments for growth and checking in annually to ensure everything remains are on track.

The Senior Executive planning retirement


Our client’s main focus in recent years has been the investment of excess income. We have worked with the client to maximum fund pension pots and have also recommended EIS and VCT investments and recently helped arrange a charitable trust account.

Now approaching his late fifties and planning to retire within the next 12 months, we have re-worked the long term cash flow to develop the strategy for how he and his partner's lifestyle will be supported post retirement and to fully understand the extent that they can help their children and wider family. The client is fortunate to benefit from multiple sources of income and the plan considers both tax effcient income in retirement as well as beginning to look at inter-generational planning.

The Divorcee


Our client was facing the uncertainty which inevitably arises following the upheaval that divorce can bring. Her ex-husband had been the primary earner and had dealt with the majority of financial matters. She has been offered a lump sum settlement and maintenance for the children but is now a bit unsure of where to turn and after a number of meetings with investment managers felt more confused.

Our starting point was to present a simple cash flow model which showed her projected expenditure and looked forward considering inflation and different scenarios for investment growth. It helped the client understand that she could afford her desired lifestyle but needed to take some risk to protect herself against inflation. Furthermore it helped understand how much she could look to spend on a property. The strategy was then implemented and regularly reviewed to give the client the peace of mind and support through this difficult time.

The Entrepreneur


Our client realised £4m from the sale of his business – quite a change after earning very little as the business was built. In his early forties and with a young family, we were able to work with husband and wife to build an understanding of what that money could – and could not – achieve and what the next stage of their life might look like.

We arrived at a relatively cautious strategy to protect the family wealth while he considers longer term business plans. Effective long term planning was put in place with pensions and ISAs for all family members. Some monies were retained for future house purchase and a portion invested for long term growth. After a couple of years, the client is now embarking on a new venture and has realised part of the portfolio to seed that business.

Family Business


Typical of many family run businesses, our client had little intention of retiring but was starting to think about what would happen when he was no longer up to the role of running the family business and by extension the family wealth. Across business, property and investment assets, the family wealth totalled around £20million but much of it held in illiquid assets and inextricably tied up with the business.

We were asked to consider a strategy for inter-generational transfer. Our first point was to understand the wishes and needs of different generations within the family and to work to a shared understanding of the longer term goals. Secondly, we looked at the cash flow under different scenarios to understand how best to meet future income requirements and potential liquidity needs. And finally, we were able to develop a strategy incorporating effective tax planning and crucially support for the next generation.

The Bereaved Family


Our client unfortunately died after a period of ill health. Through his relatinoship with us that spanned over 10 years, he had made the commitment to ensure that there was someone else - FF&P Wealth Planning - that understood the family finances, that knew his wishes and most importantly that his wife and grown up children knew and trusted.

Prior to his death, we were able to put in place effective planning working with his lawyers to ensure that the wills reflected his wishes and that assets were held as tax effectively as possible. At death, we were there to ease the inevitable flow of paperwork. The death coincided with the new pensions freedoms and we were able to work with the pension trustees and lawyers to ensure a more effective transfer of pension assets to the next generation.

Recently Retired


Recently retired with a fully funded pension and having accumulated around £1.5million of other assets, our client is looking forward to a relaxing future with a first grandchild just arrived. Both husband and wife are aware that they may have to eat into their savings in future years but are equally keen to support their children wherever possible, particularly to assist in getting on the housing ladder. Our client’s mother is increasingly frail and they are conscious that there has been no planning around her financial affairs.

We have worked with the clients to demonstrate the impact of inflation eroding their spending power and the impact of different market conditions. We have agreed and advised on an overall allocation of assets to meet their risk profile. We are also now working with the mother to ensure her affairs are in order to support her immediate cash flow requirements and considering potential strategies for inheritance looking across the generations.



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